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Services Available
AB Management Solutions are able to offer the following services to SMEs:

  • System Upgrade Management. We can deal with all your current and future IT services & solution requirements. We will act as liaison between yourselves and all necessary third party suppliers – ensuring you can concentrate on running your business. We can also arrange for full professional and trained support of all items implemented.
  • Project and Interim Management. We can offer project and Interim management specialists for both IT and non-IT roles, for example we can help manage an office move.
  • Analysis of current and future requirements. Covering internal business processes, external interaction with your customers and supplier as well as IT requirements.
  • Software and Hardware Supplier Selection. We work with several software and hardware suppliers therefore we are able to help with your initial discussions and final selection of the right supplier(s) for each service, solution and product.
  • IT Health Checks. Do you know if you are still paying for software or hardware support/services that you no longer use? An audit performed by one of our specialist will confirm if you are paying for support/services and advise you whether it is still necessary.
  • System design. Is your current system fit for purpose? With a bespoke solution you will have full input into the design, and with our design experts we can work with you from concept through development, full testing and implementation.
  • Web design. Again with you working with our design expert we will help you develop a web site that you want and that will have a return on investment (ROI). We will work with you from design to testing, and can arrange for third parties to test the web site in a non-live environment prior to releasing on the internet if required.
  • Business Consultancy. We can review all your current processes, making the necessary recommendation for enhancements where appropriate.
  • Contract & Service Level Agreement (SLA). We have specialist who can draft and/or review existing and new Supplier/Customer contract & SLA to ensure you are getting the best from your supplier.


  • Executive IT resource. If required we can place an IT expert on your board  to enhance your company's expertise and strength to liaise with any external consultants, accountants, bank representative.
  • Software house/Web design support. We are able to offer Project Management and Business Analysis to software and web design companies.