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Assignment Costing

Assignment Costing

ABMS actively believes in an honest and fair approach to costing of all assignments. This approach allows you a beneficial return on your investment in ABMS and your IT systems, which in turn ensure ABMS delivers to its own believes and goals.


Prior to starting any assignments ABMS will ensure that;

    • Each assignment is fully documented with objectives, deliverables and delivery dates clearly defined.
    • Each assignment is fully agreed and agreed by all parties.
    • The full cost of the assignment is known and will be based on a fixed price, with agreed stage payments if required.
    • The roles of each party will be defined and agreed.


All of our services are available from a single day to ongoing contract or retainer, with the specific arrangements being tailored to meet your unique situation.

If you require an IT system/solution that you believe could be useful to other companies then discuss with us about becoming a “Development Partner”. This will allow you to have full input into the design and to receive preferential rates. We may also consider offering “commission’ based on future sales of the system/solution.